Tiledom - Matching Puzzle

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Tiledom - Matching Puzzle

A relaxing tile matching puzzle , where your goal is to eliminate all the tiles. This relaxing puzzle game adds a twist to classic mahjong puzzles. Instead of having to match pairs, you’ll have to make a group of 3 tiles. How do you play? The game begins with a board filled with different tiles with images drawn on them. At the bottom of the screen, there is a board to hold the tiles you select. There is space enough for 7 tiles to fit in at a time. When you tap on a tile in the puzzle, it will move to an empty space in the board at the bottom. When there are 3 tiles of the same image in that area, these tiles disappear, leaving room for more tiles. Because there is only space to accommodate 7 tiles at a time, you must be careful as to not tap on tiles at random. You should only tap on a tile, if you are sure that you can match 3 tiles with the same image. Otherwise, you’ll fill the board with a bunch of random tiles and you won’t be able to add more tiles once the space is filled. When the board is full with 7 tiles, it is game over. So, focus on tile matching and enjoy the relaxing game.
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version 1.8.68


  • ID:games.spearmint.triplecrush
  • Category:Puzzle
  • Updated:2022-05-20
  • Version:1.8.68
  • Requires:Android 4.4
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:41.3M