Cut the Rope

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Cut the Rope

Embark on an Exciting Journey with Cut the Rope! Join Om Nom in the legendary "Cut the Rope" logic puzzles series. Play for free alongside millions of players worldwide! Discover Om Nom's adventures by watching "Om Nom Stories" cartoons and other engaging videos on our YouTube channel: A mysterious package has arrived, and the candy-loving monster inside has a simple request – CANDY! Collect gold stars, find hidden prizes, and unlock thrilling new levels in this award-winning, physics-based game. Game Awards: - BAFTA Award - Pocket Gamer Award - GDC Award - Best App Ever Award Key Features: - 17 boxes with 425 levels - Innovative physics gameplay - Adorable character - Outstanding graphics - "Om Nom Stories" animation shorts - Superpowers Additional Details: - Nostalgic Challenges: Revisit the joy of old games with modern twists. - Logical Puzzles: Boost your IQ with physics-based challenges and connect toy-like elements. - Green Monster's Adventure: Join Om Nom on a quest where memories and challenges collide. - Fun for All Ages: Perfect for kids and those young at heart, Cut the Rope combines timeless fun with modern gameplay. - This Adventure is a True Gem: Slice through ropes, run through levels, and collect candies in a world filled with hungry green little monsters looking for the juiciest candy! - Arcade Puzzle Thrills: Experience fast-paced action, clear levels, and smash boredom. Connect with Om Nom: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Website: - Pinterest: - Instagram: Download Cut the Rope now and enjoy the perfect fusion of old games and modern smash-hit sensations! Help us enhance your gaming experience by providing feedback at [email protected]. Boost your IQ, connect with friends, and indulge in physics-based challenges that fling you into a world filled with cute monsters and endless fun. Challenge yourself with logic puzzles, clear levels, and slice through ropes in this fast-paced, candy-filled adventure. Join Om Nom's quest, where memories meet skill, and become a star in the world of gaming! Test your abilities, think fast, and have fun while unlocking the secrets inside each box. It's not just a game; it's an exploration of nostalgia and a journey through the perfect blend of old games and modern smash-hit sensations!
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version 3.60.1
Om Nom skipped his daily washing up routine, and we had to talk to him. Do not worry if he appears a bit grumpy for a while!


  • Category:Puzzle
  • Updated:2024-02-23
  • Version:3.60.1
  • Requires:Android 4.4
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:71.2M