Street Chaser

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Street Chaser

Your companion was robbed by a gang, You can help by running behind the robber to catch them. Run as fast as you can, Dodge the obstacles coming your way. Chase thief without loosing, Catch them by throwing bottles and kicking balls hitting them! Avoid obstacles by jumping and sliding while running through the streets, Hit and kick them with objects you pick on your way, Catch all of them to retrieve the handbag. Hundreds of missions to play when you are tired of running behind robbers. Missions are of unique objectives with different game types. Progress through the street map by completing missions of types as below: Chase runner, Throw bottles, Kick Balls, Coin Collection, Item Collections, Word Finding and Bring it back. Compete online with other street surfers based on your skill. You can play online with eight players at a time. Collect coin rewards based on the rank achieved in multiplayer missions. Endless runner mode for chasing all robbers one by one. You can collect more coins in this endless running game and use them for boosting powers. Play daily challenges to collect rewards like Lucky wheel spins, Coins & Lives. Recent major update refreshed the game totally with several new heroes and features. Online multiplayer runner game with refreshing new streets and buildings. Existing users, update to this version to enjoy more free lives and rewards. Game Features * Gang of ten robbers * Dozen Heroes to choose * Addictive missions with many game types * Chase run, Missions & Multiplayer game modes * Choose your avatar * Power up with boosts * Compete with friends * Swift controls and game play * Realistic and cool 3D graphics
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What's New

version 6.1.5
• Play bonus coin reward games unlocked every five missions. • New audience game characters watching you chase the robber. • Avoid hitting the new game characters while they cross your path. • Swipe and throw bottles on target to earn those coins. • Swipe and kick balls on target bins to earn coin rewards. • Daily free bonus game turns added for reward games. • Special climate themes like rain, wind and sunset added. • Several bug fixes and improvements are done.


  • ID:com.igoldtech.streetchaser
  • Category:Adventure
  • Updated:2023-09-13
  • Version:6.1.5
  • Requires:Android 6.0
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:141.4M