Stone Giant

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Stone Giant

Welcome to Stone Giant, the ultimate action-packed gaming app that will take you to a world of adventure and excitement! Step into the shoes of a mighty titan, a super human with lava control abilities and devastating attacks. In this hero simulator, you'll start a journey filled with battles, skills, and interesting quests! Unleash the power of the lava titan within as you navigate a large and updated open world filled with opportunities and dangers. As a giant stone man with incredible abilities, you have the freedom to roam the city, smashing through obstacles, and leaving a trail of destruction in your way. Feel the ground tremble as you unleash fury upon your enemies and engage in fierce battles that will test your super powers. Learn to control your superpowers to manipulate elements around you. Your mutant powers give you endless opportunities in combat, allowing you to fight with ultimate strength. Crush your foes with mighty blows and send shockwaves across the battlefield. As you progress through the game, you'll uncover the secrets behind your transformation and the true purpose of your powers. Dive deep into an exciting storyline, discovering the mysteries of your past and forging a path towards your destiny. Shape the course of this adventure, determining the fate of both the city and your own existence. The game features an extensive in-game shop where you can acquire new superpowers, upgrade your abilities, and customize your stone giant with a vast array of unlockable items. Discover hidden collectibles, explore the city for hidden loot chests and gain bonus rewards! Engage in epic battles against dangerous gangsters and criminal bosses, or become evil and turn against the city’s citizens and police who dare to challenge your dominance. Use your strategic skills to overcome your foes and exploit their weaknesses. Adapt and evolve your combat style as you face harder challenges, becoming the ultimate hero that the world needs. Stone Giant offers a unique gaming experience, mixing the thrill of action, the depth of adventure, and being a super giant. Get ready to dive into a world where you are the harbinger of destruction and the beacon of hope. Rise above the challenges, conquer the city, and discover secrets as the ultimate lava titan! Will you accept the challenge and become the legendary Stone Giant? It’s time to unleash your powers, dominate the game and be the hero this world needs in a colossal superhero adventure!
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version 2.6.7
Bug fixes


  • Category:Simulation
  • Updated:2024-02-02
  • Version:2.6.7
  • Requires:Android 5.1
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:138.6M