Solar Smash

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Solar Smash

Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, it allows the player to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids. Warning This game contains flashing lights that may make it unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Player discretion is advised. Space images credits: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Space Telescope Science Institute
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What's New

version 2.1.1
Beta bug fixes Planet: - 4 new planets - Trappist-1D, Trappist-1E, Trappist-1F, Europa - Custom texture planets - 1 weapon - Space shiba - 5 variants - Mecha worm, Cheems bonk, Large shield ship, SpaceY rocket, Large blackhole - Rings update - Moons added to Earth and Jupiter - Orbital moon weapons orbit planets - Camera variations - orbital, free camera - Star customisation System: - 2 weapons - Wormhole, Gravity generator - 2 systems - Trappist-1, Tau Ceti - Improved speed controls


  • ID:com.paradyme.solarsmash
  • Category:Simulation
  • Updated:2023-05-24
  • Version:2.1.1
  • Requires:Android 5.1
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:147.2M