PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile

▶ New 'Nusa' Map Update ◀ 'Nusa' is a 1x1 map, the smallest map ever that can be joined by 32 players. Enjoy the speed! ▶ Various New Systems Added ◀ Various systems are being added to the new 'Nusa' map. Super recall, zip line, elevator, and two-seater ATV are added. Try various tactics on the battleground! ▶ New Weapon Update ◀ The Tactical Crossbow can be used to repair ziplines. Cottages can also be set on fire when flaming bolts are equipped. The NS2000 fires 12 gauge shells during hip fire and switches to 12 gauge slugs while aiming down sights. ▶ Classic Mode Update ◀ Certain areas in Erangel are remodeled along with bicycle garage, gas station, and weapon balance improvements, making the combat experience more enjoyable. ▶ QOL Features ◀ The playground can now accommodate more number of players and various QOL improvements such as chatting channel, mock training ground update, custom key binding, and control and display improvements are added. ▶PUBG Mobile◀ PUBG Mobile is a battle royale genre survival game where multiple users fight against one another based on their own tactic with diverse firearms and items to be the last one standing. PUBG is a multi-play game offering free-to-play one-on-one matches and team matches and holds esports every season bringing in diverse attractions. ▶Additional fee is required to purchase items for sale. ▶In this app, players can only use content provided in Korea. ▶Official support URL◀ ▶Privacy policy◀ ▶Terms of service◀
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version 2.2.0


  • ID:com.pubg.krmobile
  • Category:Action
  • Updated:2022-09-08
  • Version:2.2.0
  • Requires:Android 10.0
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:715.3M