Little Krishna

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Little Krishna

Play as the darling of Vrindavan - The mischievous Little Krishna. Now follow Little Krishna while he chases Putana across Vrindavan and bring her to justice for her evil deeds. Enjoy an all new Gameplay Experience and challenges that Vrindavan has to offer and have lots of fun conquering obstacles in your way. Avoid raging bulls, angry elephants, hot lava streams and more. Acquire tokens on the run to unlock Characters with specific abilities. Collect as many coins as you can and score highest among your friends, in this challenging 3D game. While you’re upto the usual Makhan Masti antics and pranks, learn to protect Vrindavan and its people from Putana with the help of magical power-ups. Brawl with her in the Caves and teach her a lesson in challenging BOSS FIGHTS. Game Features: DODGE, JUMP, and SLIDE through obstacles Collect Coins, gather Rewards and upgrade Power-Ups ACQUIRE tokens to unlock Characters with specific abilities EXPLORE the vibrant land of Vrindavan with amazing HD graphics Defeat Putana in challenging BOSS FIGHTS SCORE THE HIGHEST and beat your friends using exciting power-ups Tackle all CHALLENGES in this official ‘Little Krishna’ mobile game - The game is also optimized for tablet devices. - This game is completely free to download and play. However, some game items can be purchased with real money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.
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version 4.4.339
Get ready for epic challenges! Introducing new features: -No Login Leaderboard: Access the Leaderboard hassle-free without any login. -Take on High-score Challenges: Compete against other players in exciting high-score battles. -Skip the tutorial and get into action straightaway. -Get more headstart and have more fun! Run, conquer, and dominate the leaderboard like never before! Update now and race your way to victory in Little Krishna!


  • ID:com.zapak.littlekrishnarunner
  • Category:Arcade
  • Updated:2024-01-12
  • Version:4.4.339
  • Requires:Android 5.0
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:106.7M