Winner Soccer Evo Elite

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Winner Soccer Evo Elite

It's totally FREE. Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a real 3D competitive football game. It includes the teams and the latest football players’ data of 2018 World Cup. There are various modes for you to select. It has up to 32 teams and 600 players. Smooth actions and playback function let you feel like you actually in the game. 1.Game Modes This game has various modes, including Cup , Friendly Match and Penalty Shootout. It also has a training mode for you to train skills of your team, dividing into Primary, Medium and Advanced. Friendly Match Mode: You can select 2 teams from 32 teams to compete or shoot penalty. Cup Mode: You can select your favorite team from 32 national teams to participate the International Cup. Training Mode: You can select a team to perfect its operation skills. 2. Various Operation Skills This game provides two kinds of operation modes. You can choose the most suitable one. (You can change mode in Options under Menu or tap button || to activate Menu in game.) You can read Control Method in Help of Options under Menu. The operation adopts an international popular way, setting 5 pass ball keys: Short Pass /Press and Long Pass/Slide Tackle, Shoot, Through Pass/GK Rush Out, Long through Pass and Special Dribble /Focus Change. Short Pass: It is short pass in offense. Let controller press opponent dribbler in defense. Long Pass: Press Power Accumulate and pass the ball to a mate of appropriate distance after release. Let controller slide tackle when defend. Shoot: Make different shooting actions according to Power Accumulate and the distance between player and ball. Special Dribble: Including many special dribble actions: Marsille roulette, Crossing, Flip-flap and Pull back. Automatic combination skills: Through Pass: Pass ball to catcher according to Power Accumulate. Long through Pass: Pass ball to catcher with Long Pass according to Power Accumulate. Sprint: Rapid dribble, fasten speed of dribble but worsen control of ball. Drive ball out: Stop ball far away from body and facilitate dribble starting acceleration. Dribble with far distance: Double click in front when fast dribble can dribble farther and facilitate fast run. Fake Shoot and Fake Long pass: Pressing Short Pass when (or after) Shoot or Power Accumulate will cancel shoot or long pass. They are used to dribble past opponent Defenders or GK. One-Two pass: Two players cooperate to dribble past opponent Defenders. Lob shoot: Press Special Dribble to shoot. Control tracks of ball: Press direction keys to control the flying arc of ball.
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version 1.7.4
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  • ID:com.touchtao.ws2014googleelite2
  • Category:Sports
  • Updated:2023-08-31
  • Version:1.7.4
  • Requires:Android 4.0
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:34.2M