Tongits Go - Sabong, Pusoy

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Tongits Go - Sabong, Pusoy

Tongits Go is celebrating the 4th Anniversary feverishly. It has released more than 20,000,000 Gostars for appreciating millions of players who have supported along the way and welcoming more players to join. Everyone can join and share it. -Cards Collection: Login and Play to get the lucky card . When finish collecting all the cards, you will have the chance to hit the jackpot easily. -Innovative Gameplays: Exciting Crash & 8 Rummy play, full of challenge and rewards. You can't stop after playing once. -More Daily Bonus: Increase login bonus and surprising raffle. Play more to win more than before. Other Main Feature: *Various local games included* -Cockfight: Enjoy the popular cockfight online, guess and bet which cock will win. -Slots: Spin it and wait for the amazing surprises. -Pusoy: Popular card game in the Philippines. Immerse yourself in the excitement of winning and takes all as a winner! -Pusoy Swap Mode: An exciting new way to play pusoy that you can swap 3 cards with your opponents. Say goodbye to bad cards! -Pusoy Dos: Use good strategies to be the first one to discard all the cards on the table. -Lucky 9: Best choice to pass time online with real players anytime and anywhere. -Color Game: Guess and bet on the color. Next jackpot will be yours! -Super Tongits: Guess the cards with lower score. Win from the banker. -Texas Hold’em Poker: A full house of excitement is in the palm of your hand. Grab a pair of cards and see if you are the master. * Different Modes To Choose* -Thrilling Tournament: Exclusive Tournaments every day. Unlimited Diamonds/Golds/GoStars for winners! Come and challenge against real players around the country. -Gold Mode: Challenge millions of online players within seconds, come and practice your skills. -Family Table: Create your own table, and invite your friends or families to play in. -Ranked Game: The players with similar level will be allocated to fight. When you win, you can get 1 star to help you climb the rank list and level up your own badge. The player with higher rank shows he/she has more excellent card skills. * New Mission Pass System * Log in to unlock mission pass system. Complete daily task to get extra, special, exclusive rewards!!! Including customized frame or nickname, unique chat bubble, and Winstreak cards, etc. Contact Us To report any issues or feedback, please contact us, we are willing to hear from every player. Email: [email protected] Website: Follow us on Facebook for exclusive rewards and bonuses! Facebook:
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version 5.0.5
1. New gameplay released, play now to unlock massive rewards! 2. Log in now to get your special welcome-back bonus!


  • Category:Casino
  • Updated:2023-01-09
  • Version:5.0.5
  • Requires:Android 4.4
  • Available on:Google Play
  • File size:151.7M