Carrom King™

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Carrom King™

Carrom King™ is a classic board game played between friends, family & kids. *This is the official and Popular Carrom King game with 50 million downloads. Top carrom game with mind-blowing features like Power Ups, Striker power & aim options, uniquely designed colorful pucks, and many more interesting collectibles. Carrom or Karrom, an Indian version of pool or billiards, play the cross-platform easy-to-play multiplayer board game pot all the coins before your opponent to win! Carrom King™ features two challenging gameplay modes Freestyle & Black & White. Carrom King™ is from the creators of Ludo king™, The #1 game of all time! The game that rules the hearts of mobile board gamers around the globe! Same as Ludo King™, Carrom King™ too gives priority to the originality of the game with user-friendly controls, amazing realistic 3D graphics, and great physics giving you all the feel and thrill which you get when you play Carrom with your family and friends! What’s NEW? ★ Brand new strikers for efficient striking! Unlock & collect strikers with different hitting & aiming powers - Hurricane, Blue Star, Mandala, Chakri, Lotus, Cyclone, Thunder, and many more. ★ New pucks with amazing colorful designs namely Panda, Shield, Smile, Sunshine, Hearts, Alloys, Lantern, and many more. ★ Unlock or buy a chest box and get over 80 Collectibles! ★ Add Power Ups: - God Finger - Gives extra hitting power to the striker! - Powder - Improves puck speed by smoothening the board! - Assistance - Upon activation helps you play better shots! ★ New attractive frames Exciting Features ★ Multiplayer Game Modes ★ Compete with world players in Online Freestyle & Black & White Mode ★ Join millions of players worldwide ★ Interact with other players by sending emojis and messages ★ Challenge the Opponent again for a rematch ★ Game resume functionality ★ Progress through multiple lobbies all the way to the top ★ Watch your opponent's statistics Play with Friends ★ Connect with your Facebook friends and challenge them online or invite your friends to play in a private room by sharing a room code. Single Player Offline Mode ★ Play Vs Computer and challenge the AI ★ Play Trick Shots a time-bound amazing mode with various levels to challenge your skills. The trick shots mode helps you to perfect your carrom moves with some really tricky levels testing your skills and reflexes ★ Play with your family and friends in pass-and-play mode Collectibles And Rewards ★Start a Carrom King journey with exclusive Frames & Pucks and show off your style. ★Cover Queen to unlock the brand new chest and get rewards. An incomparable takeaway for Carrom fans! Let’s Play Now! Time to hit the table! Download the latest version now to get your hands on the new offerings! PLEASE NOTE! Carrom King™ is free to download and play on devices with in-app purchases.
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★ Claim extra rewards while you skill up and show-off in the Trickshots section. ★ Spread joy and send virtual gifts to players online


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  • Updated:2024-03-07
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  • Requires:Android 5.0
  • Available on:Google Play
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